Ralf, (it’s me), i was born in May 1963.

Since February 1986 i’m handling and working with Computers.
In 1988 i have created and built own computers and sold to private as well as to small companies.
Since December 1988 i was online in the former FidoNet, and in December 1991 i could see how Tim Berners-Lee has developed the first Website at CERN and released in December 1990, one year ago.

As Co-Founder of germans most interesting FidoNet Mailbox System “The Aldebaran Project” with 30 simultaneous lines i have learned TCP/IP from scratch.

In 1995 i was also Co-Founder of the second German Internet Provider, formerly known as “Nacamar suedwest”. We’ve served some local huge companies from pharmacie, building society, Banks, and some other Businesses.

Since December 1997 i’m acting as CEO, COO and in some other roles in the internet Business.

Finally i could built up five companies as CEO, bring structure there, organize HR, book keping, IT-infrastructure, manage development, and always had a “look at all” and tried to look at my companies “from the clients view”.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re in need for CEO, COO or CTO, get in contact to me if you’re interested in building up a german company, by respecting all the needs in Germany, respecting all the laws and also respecting HR related and financial authority related problems.

With deep knowledge of IT, HR, Marketng and Sales you can ask me for assistance, interim Management or just parts of your Business.

Please feel free to request my Testimonials.

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