1987 – Computer manufacture with customized computers for private use, Gamers and SME companies

1988 – First online experience in the former FidoNet with a huge BBS, serving also companies

1990 – Acquired Axel Springer Verlag as client for the first online TV newspaper. Distributed the TV newspaper to about 90 hubs in Germany, and created billing for Axel Springer Verlag.

1991 – First contact to “the internet” with modem connection to the MIT using Windows 3.11 and Trumpet Winsock.

1992 – 1994 – Learning all about internet, TCP/IP from scratch, Backbones, HTML, protocols, FTP, and all around internet usage.

1994 – Co-Founder of the second german internet Provider, serving local clients in Rhein-Main area in Germany. Clients: Boehringer Ingelheim, Bausparkasse Mainz, and some Schools and smaller companies with leased lines.

1995 – sold the internet provider to an IT system house and acted there as leader of the internet department. Grown the department to 7 employee.

12/1996 – Spin off from the internet department to an own GmbH (ltd. ), nacamar suedwest GmbH. Grown the company to 15 Employee.
Responsible for setting up the GmbH, setting up Sales & Marketing, setting up accounting and book keeping, taking care on regulations and laws, taking care on financial issues such as tax authorities. Managing internal IT. Grown the company to yr. revenue of 6 Mio.
Also responsible for merging the company with the Nacamar Group Plc. in UK. Got part of the Group, setting up reporting to the Board of the Group.

5/2000 – The Nacamar Group was sold to World Online. Nacamar suedwest GmbH, was the most valuable company in the group! Attendet the IPO of World Online in Amsterdam.

6/2000 – I was acquired by former Shareholder to build up a new company. P-Card System was founded to establish loalty cards with celebrities.
Responsible for building up internal IT. Creating Strategy for scalable IT environment to guarantee flexibility.

8/2001 – Shareholders acquired me as CEO for P@y Consult GmbH. P@y Consult GmbH was holding three more GmbH companies. I was CEO of all three companies.
MJ-World GmbH was holding exclusive contract with Michael Jackson, and was authorized to launch the official Michael Jackson FanPage, and to issue the first official Michael Jackson FanCard as a loyalty card with access to exclusive Michael Jackson content.
Stars on Cards GmbH was a joint-venture of the Michael Schumacher Management and P@y Consult Shareholders. I was CEO and responsible to issue a Michael Schumacher credit card.
Responsible to negotiate with VISA, Michael Schumacher Management and other vendors and partners.
Andastra GmbH was an online agency with 18 Employee building websites for celebrities.
Responsible for HR, financial issues, tax issues, internetal IT, communication with clients and vendors and sharing presentation.

6/2003 – Another former Shareholder from UK acquired me for Business development of Winweb int. Ltd. London. I was responsible for buidling up German market to sell Winweb Services in German market. Winweb provides a service which alolows smaller companies to sell their products abroad.
Responsible for all Business needs, from setting up IT, to Tax issues as well as billing and accounting.

9/2004 – I was self-employed, serviced Fair- and exhibition Services. Organized Fair- and Tradeworkers, offered IT Services for exhibitions.

9/2005 – I was acquired by a former colleague, now holding a 30 employee company, Carnea Group GmbH. I was acting as a sales & consulting Manager. Responsible to sell consultants. I was able to sell 8 consultants within 3 month and also had success with generating new business. So i was responsible to handle some Projects myself. E.g. dismantle 4 data center for a huge German Bank, generate data privacy reports and assure correct data deletion on the Servers.

10/2006 – I was posted as a consultant to cybits systems security GmbH (later known as verify-u) and had to report to new Shareholders. I had to create an organisational due dilligence. After the report was done, i was responsible to clean up the old structures, create customer care center and re-build the company from scratch. I was responsible to evaluate software, choose and order well equiped Servers to set up the internal IT. Main Positoin there was creating the customer care center, to ensure the daily growth of 3,000 end customers and to ensure the end-customers satisfaction as well as the main clients satisfaction.
I have set up all the internal IT, such as the CRM, Banking Software, data sharing with tax accountant, data sharing with authorites, data sharing to clients and also have evaluated data warehouse management system to ensure acting by german law upon the needs for book keeping.

8/2018 – verify-u AG has new Shareholders and was renamed to verify-u GmbH. The new shareholders decided to give procura to me, so i was responsible for the management of the company, because CEO was abroad. Close cooperation using Slack ensured always acting in the manor of the CEO.
I was responsible for the overall management of HR, contract management, vendors, clients, managing to serve all data to the CEO to ensure propper book keeping, generating reports aout of the databases using SQL queries.

Since 10/2021 i’m in sabbatical OFF, awaiting new Challenges!